dipped in red?

A grove 

of bushes dipped in red?

Autumn leaves.


dipped in red


Haiku before Haiku

Steven Carter


weekly photo challenge: cover art


it falls without wind–

a single leaf.



to view additional images submitted for Pete Rosos’ challenge or “to dig a new creative well and have fun while doing it” visit The Daily Post.


Haiku before Haiku

Steven Carter

single leaf

blow again–

and the closer the better,

autumn wind.

                                                     ~ Ouchi Masahiro*

single leaf


Haiku Before Haiku

Steven D Carter

which of you…the first to fall?

oh leaves, ask the wind which of you
will be the first to fall.
~ Soseki*

The Moon in the Pines
Jonathan Clements

weekly photo challenge: humanity

“Humanity needs to weep and this is the time to weep…

Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps we can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction…

War is irrational: its only plan is to bring destruction: it seeks to grow by destroying…

Greed, intolerance, the lust for power. These motives underline the decision to go to war and they are too often justified by an ideology.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pope Francis*


 Visit The Daily Post to view additional images or participate in THIRDEYEMON’s challenge: share what humanity means to you.



“Humanity needs to weep and this is the time to weep.” – Pope Francis

talks of ‘third war”aje.me/Xca007

still loading….

silent sunday


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