weekly photo challenge: broken

no one home

fallen pine needles

scattered at the door



This week’s photo challenge: Broken


Sky Above, Great Wind

K Tanahashi

peaceful spring

Day by day, day by day, and day by day,

quietly in the company of children I live.

In my sleeves, tiny embroidered balls, two or three.

Useless, intoxicated, in this peaceful spring.




Sky Above, Great Wind

K Tanahashi

scent of blossoms

on a light breeze,

the heavy scent of blossoms

at morning 




Haiku before Haiku

S Carter

horsetooth reservoir

lapping up the
fragrance of immeasurable bliss—
the flavor of bliss

                           ~Tagami Kikusha-ni





the wonder of…

the wonder of

flowers opening

and birds singing:




The Classic Tradition of Haiku

Ed. F Bowers

spring rain

spring rain–

all things on earth

are beautiful


rain drops


Far Beyond the Field

M Ueda

as the long rain falls

the colors of the flowers fade

as the long rain falls,

as lost in thought,

I grow older

                      ~Ono No Komachi*

 as long rain falls


Women Poets of Japan

K Rexroth & Ikuko Atsumi


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