This month Paula (Lost in Translation) offers a photo challenge that invites photo interpretations of: sky-high, gorge, sociable, sanctuary, transcoloured.

Sky High: in the back ground is a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains — elevation 14,440′

Landscape imge: Metadata: Leica D-Lux 7 … f/2.8 .. 1/10,000s .. 34mm .. 200 ISO. Edited: Capture One

The ordinary is listed under normality 84.3 in the Roget’s International Thesaurus as: the normal, the usual, the ordinary, the common, the commonplace, the way things are, the normal order of things; common or garden variety.

The Ordinary listed in Google is: a brand from DECIEM offering skin care products which are an “…evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare.”

hum …

I think I’ll go with the common egg…

well…maybe an ordinary brown egg…

or how about a normal freckled brown egg.

A commonplace egg when photographed with an iPhone (f1/8, 1/30s, 28mm, 32 ISO) and then edited in Snapseed and Photoshop becomes:

an out of the ordinary floating brown freckled egg.

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“One of the first questions a curious child often asks about the natural world is “why is the sky blue?” Yet despite how widespread this question is, there are many misconceptions and incorrect answers bandied about — because it reflects the ocean; because oxygen is a blue-colored gas; because sunlight has a blue tint — while the right answer is often thoroughly overlooked. In truth, the reason the sky is blue is because of three simple factors put together: that sunlight is made out of light of many different wavelengths, that Earth’s atmosphere is made out of molecules that scatter different-wavelength light by different amounts, and the sensitivity of our eyes. Put these three things together, and a blue sky is inevitable.”

(cited:Forbes, Ethan Siegel & Starts With A Bang, Why the Sky is Blue, According to Science: Forbes)

Skyscape submitted in response to Blog of Hammad Rais’ Weekend Skies #45

the eye that is penetrating sees clearly,

the ear that is penetrating hears clearly,

the nose that is penetrating distinguishes odors,

the mouth that is penetrating distinguishes flavors,

the mind that is penetrating has understanding,

and the understanding that is penetrating has virtue. ~ CHUANG-TZU

peace lily

Every life is a point of view directed upon the universe. Strictly speaking, what one life sees no other can. Every individual, . . . is an organ, for which there can be no substitute, constructed for the apprehension of truth . . . Without the development, the perpetual change and the inexhaustible series of adventures which constitute life, the universe, or absolutely valid truth, would remain unknown . . . Reality happens to be like a landscape, possessed of an infinite number of perspectives, all equally veracious and authentic. The sole false perspective is that which claims to be the only one there is. ~José Ortega y Gasset