photo 101: You did it! And now get out with your camera and explore

Spring Creek Trail…a wondrous spring day…

Thank you Cheri, Michelle, Krista, Josh, and the Team


If I’d heard

so much as 

a water rail’s knock,

I’d have opened

the black pine door.

                         ~Izumi Shikibu*



The Ink Dark Moon

J Hirshfield & M Aratant

weekly photo challenge: ephemeral

Although the wind

blows terribly here,

the moonlight also leaks

between the roof planks

of this ruined house.

                               ~Izumi Shikibu*

light prints

light prints upon the floor

Krista’s photo challenge for this week is  Ephemeral


The Ink Dark Moon

J. Hirshfield & M Aratani

photo 101: triumph & contrast ii

Black hair and red cheeks: for how long?

One moment, and the silver threads run through.

Open the blinds: the first apricot blossoms have opened–

Hurry! The spring days are now!

                                    ~Cui Shaoxuan*


cherry creek


Thank you Josh, Chrissie, Jackie and everyone at The Daily Post!


Women in Praise of the Sacred

Jane Hirshfield

photo 101: triumph & contrast

How can I blame the cherry blossoms

for rejecting this floating world

and drifting away as the wind calls them?

                          ~Shunzei’s Daughter*

Triumph...Spring's Awakening

Triumph…Spring’s Awakening


Women Poets of Japan

K Rexroth & I Atsumi

snow fence…in spring

The sprouting grass waiting for spring,

and the grass that begins to wither, were once the same

wild grass of the moor.

Sooner or later

they surely meet with autumn

and end in the season of weariness.


snow fence

snow fence


Women Poets of Japan

K Rexroth & I Atsumi

photo 101: double & rotation


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