photo101: water

A half-frozen lake and an empty pier…silently waiting for summer

photo101-water (1)

photo 101: street

A street image composed with Campbell’s Tomato Soup (soup is a comfort food, especially when it is snowing) in the foreground with the street, cars, and trees forming the background.


photo 101: home

home…a sanctuary for dreams, hopes, memories, loved ones, and cherished life-treasures.


won’t you sing?

Won’t you sing?

I will get up and dance.

How can I sleep

with the timeless

moon this evening?




Sky Above, Great Wind

K. Tanahashi

weekly photo challenge: reward

Take care now;

I am going for


You stay in this

borrowed hut.


weeklyphotochallengereward (1)

Join Krista’s Reward photo challenge!


Sky Above, Great Wind

K. Tanahashi

men gather in harmony…

There is a peaceful little community

in a place of burned up hopes,

beside the track of dreams

                   that drifted away,

       on the edge of a village

                   where crowds pass by.

There, men gather in harmony

       to graze like sheep and fawns. 

On all the beautiful flowers

a sun comes and goes

        through the clouds in freedom.

                                                      ~Mitsui Futabako*



The Burning Heart

K Rexroth & I Atsumi


A Meditative Journey with Saldage

A Meditative Journey with Saldage  BookCover


This work interweaves elements of the author’s own history within a fabric composed of Buddhist philosophies of suffering and Christian ideals of forgiveness, as well as traditional elements of psychology and universal threads of myth.  The result is a rich tapestry of value to anyone seeking a personal and compassionate guide towards self-discovery and recovery from the sources and consequences of human suffering. The practical illustrations of overcoming suffering within this experience make this work a valuable tool for individual women and a significant contribution for the therapeutic environment.

Available through:

Barnes & Noble


Better World Books

Google Books

Author’s Note:

It is my hope that those who journey through A Meditative Journey with Saldage return again and again to the wisdom within the Kalama Sutta. If you find that the words, images, and/or cited quotes trigger any discontent within, please abandon them. If you find that they lead to an easing of discontent, please accept my written thoughts as a gift from me to you.


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