Regret that dropping sun’s dusk;
Love this cold stream’s clearness.
Western beams follow flowing water;
Stir a ripple in wandering person’s mind.
Idly sing, gazing at cloudy moon;
Song done—sound of tall pines 
~ Li Po  (Translated: Arthur Waley, The Poet Li Po The Project Gutenberg
Nikon D750 f/3.2 1/1600s 40mm

Pale green night and flowers all melting into one 
    in the soft haze–
Everywhere the moon, glimmering in the Spring night
~The Sarashina Diary (cited: Court Ladies of Old Japan)

Nikon 750 f/3.2 1/1600s 40mm

Wait on, never forsake your hope, 
For when the plum-tree is in flower 
Even the unpromised, the unexpected, will come to you.
~The Sarashina Diary (cited: Court Ladies of Old Japan)

Nikon D750 f/3.5 1/800 40mm

softly floating…
in the teacup
~Issa (cited:

Nikon D750 f/3.5 1/1000s 40mm

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Dragonfly wings ... shining silken garments. Now my heart is aching. Who will give it rest?
Young Dragonfly wings ... rich embroidered garments. Now my heart is aching. Who will give it peace?
Dragonfly bursting its cocoon ... plain white linen garments. Now my hearts aching. Who will give it love?
~The Book of Songs (cited: Anonymous,The Jade Flute.  Project Gutenberg
departing tears…Nikon D750 f/3.2 1/4000s 40mm

I have seen a road that wanders in green shade, that runs through sweet fields of flowers. My eyes have traveled there, and journeyed far along that cool fine road.

But I will never really walk that road; it does not really lead to where she lives.

When she was born, they bound her little feet with leather bands; my beloved never walks the road of shade and flowers.

When she was born, they bound her little heart with leather bands; my beloved never listens to my song. 

~Anonymous (cited: Various Authors, The Jade Flute Chinese Poems in Prose.  The Project Gutenberg
Double exposure…Nikon D750 f/5.6 1/400s 170mm

This weeks lens-artists photo challenge is hosted by Sheetal who invites us to “show us the things you love that makes your world spin or things about your world that make you delirious with joy.”

An afternoon drive through Poudre Canyon for a lunch in Walden, Colorado. Or better yet, having lunch in Walden while on a camping trip through the Rocky Mountains.

The Poudre Canyon is a narrow verdant canyon, approximately 40 miles long, on the upper Cache la Poudre River in Larimer County, Colorado in the United States. The canyon is a glacier-formed valley through the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains northwest of Fort Collins.

watching the river
through a window of trees…
spring rain falls ~ Issa (cited:

Cache la Poudre River

Driving west through the canyon, one will be enticed to pull off the road to view the clouds traveling across Cameron Peak. Cameron Peak is within the Medicine Bow Mountains which are a mountain range in the Rocky Mountains that extend for 100-mile from northern Colorado into southern Wyoming.

a glimpse of moon
over my home village…
then clouds
~ Issa (cited:

Cameron Peak

A westerly Sunday drive through Poudre Canyon will invite you to stop for lunch in the small town of Walden, Colorado. Walden is located in Jackson County, an amazing sub-alpine valley in Northern Colorado.

evening’s fall colors–
the rainbow in the valley
fades away ~ Issa (cited:

As of the 2010 census, the population of Walden was 1,394; the fourth least populated in the state of Colorado.

white clouds of mist
blow away…
the village’s mountain
~ Issa (cited:

The county contains the Never Summer Wilderness, the 71,000-acre Colorado State Forest, and the Arapapho National Wildlife Refuge.

this mountain rain
and the deer’s tears
must be mingling ~ Issa (cited:

welcome to Walden

During the summer of 2020, the Cameron Peak fire began about 25 miles east of Walden and 15 miles southwest of  Red Feather Lakes near Cameron Pass. It is reported that this fire burnt 208,663 acres (326 sq mi.) through the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests in Larimer and Jackson Counties and Rocky Mountain National Park.  The fire became the largest wildfire in Colorado history.

cameron peak fire

This week’s lens-artists photo challenge (Travels and Trifles) invites us to share our photo editing process that aids in the realization of our artistic interpretations.

The side-by-side images below (Nikon D750) were part of a nature walk that began with an intention to create in-camera double exposure photographs. As you will notice only one of the photographs below was created in camera.

After the initial adjustment and cropping edits within Capture One 21, the final images were created using the Analog Efex Pro 2 software.

f/8 1/250s 38mm 100 ISO

f/8 1/320s 38mm 100 ISO

f/8 1/125s 38mm 100 ISO

Often when I walk away from the editing process with a bit of frustration, I call to mind a mantra introduced to me by the photographer, Bruce Percey, “you can’t make a bad photograph good, but you can make a good photograph bad.

I have often found that what is “forgettable” and that which is “favorite” often times is grounded in the subjective experiences of the photographer and the viewers.

Be safe, be well, be sage.

Two Sonys, one Ricoh, one Lumix, one Leica, two Nikons, and one iPhone have been my photography companions over the past 10 years. Our wanderings has had its ups and downs … losing files, grieving of Aperture, diving into various software editing programs, a self-learning photography project, breaking rules, being obsessed with various subjects, experimenting various techniques, and being awed by multiple photographers, world wide.

It has been a journey! Let’s begin with one of my first macros with a Ricoh.

Exploring monochrome
motion blur photography
wide open aperture
point of view photography
double exposure

…and there were the obsessions with…

the dandelion family
egg obsession

and during this pandemic…

skyscape obsession

and the list goes on and on. Thank you Amy for the invitation pause for a bit to reflect on where I’ve been and to share a bit of my photo journey.

Looking backward ... I cannot see the ancients of days.
Looking forward ... I cannot see ages yet to come.
Only heaven and earth have remained,
And will remain forever ...
I am alone, I grieve, I drop tears into the dust ~Chen Tzu-ang 

(cited: Trans: Anonymous, The Jade Flute Chinese Poems in Prose. The Project Gutenberg

Nikon D750 f/5.6 1/400s 300mm

White mulberry cloth
Sleeves parted from one another:
How difficult I find it, yet,
Such is the tumult of my thoughts,
I forgave his leaving. ~ Anonymous
(cited: Waka Poetry

Photograph submitted in response to The Life of B’s monthly square challenge … the absolute rule – Your main photograph must be square in shape!