weekly photo challenge: dreaming

Share a photo that makes you DREAM!

to dream is to journey with the soul …

streams of consciousness

I awaken to the mourning dove’s appeal for the sound of another, and find the passing dream state, like many before, was spent wandering through a petrified forest unlike any created by the ancient uniting of Gaea, Mother Earth, and Uranus, Father Heaven. It was filled with a longing, a seeking; it was a series of moments of futile endeavors.

walking upon moonlit pathways . . .

As I walked upon imagined moonlit pathways, edged by shadows of hidden yesterdays as well as shrouded by entangled memories, I encountered afterimages, echoes, phantoms, fragmented sequels, refrains, and vague specters.  Now and then, it felt as though I had stepped on a “mind-trap” and suddenly became entangled inside an invisible emotional net that swirled me around and around from one apparition to another.  Each apparition messaged that I have gone around and around in discursive circles once, twice, a thousand times throughout my lifetime of nights.  I say to myself, “I’ve been here before.  I’ve re-imaged, revisited, and reviewed past moments and choices as if I were an author rewriting a long ago discarded novel. I am displaced and lost.” ~ A Meditative Journey with Saldage 

I’ve been here before

… dream interpretation is a delicate matter, and only the very knowledgeable will be able to understand the true messages that are concealed inside a dream…A dream that is not understood is like a letter that remains unopened. ~ Rav. P.S. Berg, The Essential Zohar

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