evening light remains

the sun goes down –

but evening light remains

in the leaves ~ Nijo Yoshimoto*

*trans: Steven D Carter

Haiku before Haiku


memory fragments

although the wind

blows terribly here

the moonlight also leaks

between the roof planks

of this ruined house

~Izumi Shikibu

The Ink Dark Moon

weekly photo challenge: solitary

Solitary. I love capturing a person in a quiet and often unexpected moment. These kinds of images can be reflective, mysterious, or even sad, conjuring strong emotions and stirring up stories in my head. I snapped this photograph in the grand Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. That afternoon, it was very busy and crowded inside, but I turned a corner at one point and walked into the empty, bright, airy space pictured above. I experienced a few moments of silence as I watched a woman walk to the end of the room. We were strangersyet alone, together. A solitary moment, frozen with my lens.

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