space of openness

In the higher Buddhist view, appearances rise from emptiness and dissolve again…It is a process like birth, living, and dying…practice letting come and go…we may rest longer and longer in the space of openness…Don’t try to shape the oneness, or see it as one thing or another, or gain anything from it. Just let things be. This is the way to find your center.

 Tulku Thondup, The Healing Power of Mind


  1. ..somethings are hard to convey by words.. sometimes, I hear things I can’t understand..
    Every so often, I get an Ah Hah! moment out of no relevant basis to what I’m doing at the time..
    This is one of those times I don’t understand.. but it keeps me reading it over and over.. and I like the pictures!

    1. Haiku offers moments of “Ah Yes” for me … some with remembrance, others with imagination, and then there are those that invite contemplation. Thank you

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