new year’s eve

leaf in infancy l
leaf in infancy l
leaf in infancy ii
leaf in infancy ii

You can learn about the pine only from the pine, or about the bamboo only from bamboo.  When you see an object, you must leave your subjective pre-occupation with yourself; otherwise you impose yourself on the object, and do not learn.  The object and yourself must become one, and from that feeling of oneness issues your poetry.  However well phrased it may be, if your feeling is not natural—if the object and our self are separate—then your poetry is not true poetry but merely your subjective counterfeit. ~ Basho*

On New Year’s Day

each thought a loneliness

as winter dusk descends ~Basho

Along my journey

through this transitory world,

new year’s housecleaning ~Basho

*cited in Issa’s The Year of My life.  Trans: Nobuyuki Yuasa

weekly photo challenge: delicate


Delicate …  the dance

of light and shadow

between insight and ignorance

in life and death

from suffering to tranquility

shadow and light

  May you become acquainted with tranquil single-pointed concentration . . . those who seek wisdom through the lens of tranquility glimpse reality in the same manner as a lighted candle — the light chases away that which is hidden within a darken closet’s shadows.  Insight, once risen, shines light into closed hearts and minds and keeps the gloom of ignorance at bay

weekly photo challenge: Changing Seasons

In a new post created specifically for this challenge, share a picture that means CHANGING SEASONS to you.

We know our readers hail from all corners of the globe, so we’re excited to see different landscapes, as well as more creative, unexpected interpretations

autumn's transition

Autumn’s Transition

 The second snowstorms of 2012-2013 year occurred in October.  Since then neither rain nor snow. 

The weather channel notes a 10% chance of snow this coming Sunday, December 9, 2012. 

It seems as though the current drought continues . . .  

autumn branch

budding in winter


Oh leaves, ask the wind which of you

Will be the first to fall. ~Soseki

Along this road

Is none but I

This autumn eve. ~ Basho


cited in Jonathan Clements, The Moon in the Pines