changing light

Watching as things arrange themselves in the changing light, the photographer with unobstructed vision sees them as they are.  Appropriate images appear without struggle, moving with the flow of light like leaves in a stream, to be immediately reflected in a mind unclouded by preconceived ideas. ~Benjamin Hoff

morning light
morning light

“Mujo” refers to transience and is a central principle in Buddhist teaching:  the world of appearances lack permanent substance, and all that one sees passes away as it comes, disappearing into nothingness. ~ Yoel Hoffman**


cited in:

*Tap of Photography, Philippe L. Gross and S.I. Shapiro

**Japanese Death Poems, Joel Hoffman



accompany you home

leaf waterfall

Dear Larry,

as the winter winds travel across Wyoming’s landscape

the swirling snow releases its memories of you, lost upon Casper Mountain

its frigid touch awakens me to imagine your

aloneness in that wilderness of blinding snow

cries, deafened by the river of winds,

calling out in hope for

a human form to emerge out of the whiteness

the warmth of a human hand

the sound of a voice, comforting you

to accompany you home.

as I become lost within this winter’s swirling thoughts

the river winds tear into my soul

releasing tears arising from

the darkness of grief’s aloneness, seeking

a knowing to emerge out of ignorance’s darkness

you found peace

within a loving presence

that embraced you

and accompanied you home –

until then may refuge be found within the nature of things.

toddler shoe laces

thrift store1sign
toddler shoes in an antique store

Touching the present moment, we come to know the past created the present and together the future is being created. ~ Unknown

thrift store 2sign
shoe lace I

Just as you unreel the thread from a spool,

I want the past to become present.

thrift store 3sign
shoe lace II

The wife of Yoshitsune, a famous warrior in medieval Japan, wrote this farewell poem shortly after her spouse was deployed to the northern provinces where he later died.  She offers to us our creative ability to mentally bring the past alive and into the present.

thrift store 4sign
shoe lace III

… “Time goes from present to past.”  This is not true in our logical mind, but it is in the actual experience of making past time present.  There we have poetry, and there we have human life.

~ cited in Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, Shunryu Suzuki

thrift store 5sign
shoe lace IV

weekly photo challenge: beyond

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means BEYOND to you!

I once wrote “As I hear the suffering within women who story their lives through the multi-colored threads of substance use, I find myself acknowledging a similarity within each of these unique stories with my own metaphysical search for someone, something, or some place that remains beyond the forever next horizon.”

Laramie Peak
laramie peak

My old village lies

far beyond what we can see

but there the lark is singing ~ Issa*



The distant mountains

are reflected in the eye

of the dragonfly ~Issa*


The Sound of Water

Trans:  Sam Hamill

wyoming sky

with each lightening flash,

each roll of thunder, rice and

the world grow richer

seen in a flash

of lightening, the riverbed

looks utterly dead*

wyoming sky
wyoming sky


*cited in:

 The Spring of My Life and Selected Haiku Kobayashi Issa,

trans:  Sam Hamill