Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Is my mind elsewhere

Or has it simply not sung?


~Ihara Saikaku (1642-1693)*

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life. Another multi-photo challenge! Make sure you include picture captions to explain to people what they’re seeing, and experiment with the tiled galleries.

*Hototogisu, translated as cuckoo, wood thrush and sometimes nightingale.

The bird’s song is a strong but mournful cry.

It is said to die after singing 8,008 times.

It is also known as the “bird of time,”

“messenger of death” and “bird of disappointed love,”

and flies back and forth from this world to the next.

Confucian axiom: If one’s mind is elsewhere, one will look but not see, listen but not hear

cited in:

The Classic Tradition of Haiku

Edited by:  Faubion Bowers


    1. thank you … I enjoy reading your comments. The “minimal use of color” hold a message that my days (or my thinking) is not so black and white. 🙂

    1. Thank you for visiting …. The image is of a cherry tree’s – spring buds and autumn leaves – in my backyard 🙂

    1. it is intriguing watch a world defined by shades of black and white slowly, as the sun announces a new day, transform into a world of color 🙂

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