this abandoned house

Before I arrived,

who were the people living here?

Only violets remain. ~ Issa

This abandoned house


in the mountain village –

how many winter nights

has the autumn moon spent here ~Ono No Komachi




why now?

“But why now?”

You will ask, awake

in autumn night. ~ Nishiyama Soin*

autumnleaves 1 (1)

autumnleaves 2 (1)

autumnleaves 3 (1)autumnleaves 4 (1)

*cited in:

Haiku Before Haiku

Steven D Carter

weekly photo challenge: up

…and then I heard Mist whisper,

“Silence the chattering within your mind.

Up look up to the sky and witness the unseen and unnamed

as she urges me into one form and then another

in our journey across the morning sky.”


photo friday: pets

head pillowed on arm, 

such affection for myself?

and this smoky moon



*cited in

The Sound of Water

Trans: Sam Hamill


fallen leaves

fallen to the ground

like those words of old –

glowing leaves

                                               ~ Inko

fallen leaves

*cited in:

Haiku Before Haiku

Steven D Carter

layers of unsaid things

waterdrop (1)

I look back over the years and see myself as I used to be, frozen in former times like a figure in a series of vignettes.  I see myself… All of these images, all of those memories, like the forged links of a chain, stretch back into the darkness.  They should be put away, but the past is not so easily denied.  Things left unfinished, things left unsaid, they all, in the end, come back to haunt us.  For this is the world, and the echo of worlds.

Dark Hallow

John Connolly