1. Oh, this kept me thinking for a while. The word ending “autumn” to the beginning “but why now?” Is it the end? Is it time…?

    1. Steven Carter noted that this haiku by Soin was “sent to someone who had lost his wife.” Within these words I hear validation in my experience of the ebb and flow of grief when I am alone in the night and in how autumn messages a time of aging and letting go.

      1. Thank you for explaining the haiku by Soin to me, and for your shared meaning of the words to your life. I understand now. I sent you a comment because the haiku had an effect on me as I read it over and over. It too resonated a validation in my life…that of letting go of grief. I just needed to ask you if it meant so 🙂 Thanks again, Allyson.

    1. The season is spring; yet, it feels as though autumn remains

      The fall of leaves
      Has left some autumn
      On the lower branches ~Shozan

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