why now?

“But why now?”

You will ask, awake

in autumn night. ~ Nishiyama Soin*

autumnleaves 1 (1)

autumnleaves 2 (1)

autumnleaves 3 (1)autumnleaves 4 (1)

*cited in:

Haiku Before Haiku

Steven D Carter

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7 thoughts on “why now?

  1. Oh, this kept me thinking for a while. The word ending “autumn” to the beginning “but why now?” Is it the end? Is it time…?

    • Steven Carter noted that this haiku by Soin was “sent to someone who had lost his wife.” Within these words I hear validation in my experience of the ebb and flow of grief when I am alone in the night and in how autumn messages a time of aging and letting go.

      • Thank you for explaining the haiku by Soin to me, and for your shared meaning of the words to your life. I understand now. I sent you a comment because the haiku had an effect on me as I read it over and over. It too resonated a validation in my life…that of letting go of grief. I just needed to ask you if it meant so :) Thanks again, Allyson.

    • The season is spring; yet, it feels as though autumn remains

      The fall of leaves
      Has left some autumn
      On the lower branches ~Shozan

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