weekly photo challenge: from above

what do the waves bring?

mixed in with little shells.

bits of clover blossoms ~ Basho*

from above

In a new post specifically created for this WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, share a picture which means FROM ABOVE to you!  

Changing perspective often allows us to see things freshly, offering insight into what was dismissed before as already known.  In photography, for example, we can facilitate freshness in seeing either (a) adopting a new eye level or (b) changing the visual angle through the use of lenses with various focal lengths.


*Matsuo Bsho, The Narrow Road to Oku

Trans: Donald Keene

**Tao of Photography

Philippe L Gross & SI Shapiro


11 Replies to “weekly photo challenge: from above”

    1. I look forward to your unique comments, thank you.
      To leave the circumference for the centre is equivalent to moving from the exterior to the interior, from form to contemplation, from multiplicity to unity, from space to spacelessness, from time to timelessness. In all symbols expressive of the mystic Centre, the intention is to…teach [us] to identify [ourselves] with the supreme principle of the universe…Hindu doctrine declares that God resides in the centre.
      J.E. Cirlot, “A Dictionary of Symbols”, trans: Jack Sage

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