Weekly Photo Challenge: escape

Coming, all is clear, no doubt about it

Going, all is clear, without a doubt

What, then, is it all? ~ Hosshin*


A new post specifically created for this WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  escape


Japanese Death Poems

Yoel Hoffmann


    1. Janet, thank you for sharing your thoughts. While in Ireland I learned that there was a history of resistance to Celtic crosses … They do represnt an acceptance of cultural and religious differences

      1. That’s interesting. I’ll have to read up on that. But that aside, they’re beautiful. I bought one with silver and Connemara marble (a necklace, of course, not a real cross!). 🙂


    1. Nothing is hidden;
      It has always been clear as day.

      For divine wisdom; look at the old pine tree;
      For eternal truth; listen to the birds sing.

      Seeking the mind; there is no place to look;
      Can you see the footprints of flying birds?

      Above, not a single tile to shelter under;
      Below, not a morsel of ground for support. Zenrin

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