photo friday: “what I found”

Even woodpeckers

Do not harm this little hut

Perched in summer trees. ~ Basho*


Driving on a frontage road – a historical site – abandoned

*cited in:

The Narrow Road to Oku

Trans: Donald Keene


sweet peas

her favorite flower

a child remembers, “sweet peas”

her forgotten moment

sweet peas

electrical wires

Yes, a mountain village

can be lonely ….

yet living here is easier

than dwelling amid

the worries of the world ~ Ono No Komachi*

laramie peak (1)


*cited in:

The Ink Dark Moon

Trans: Jane Hirshfield with Mariko Aratant


weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes

With one who does not speak his every thought

I spent a pleasant evening. ~ Hyakuchi*


Things wabi-sabi have a vague, blurry, or attenuated quality—as things do as they approach nothingness (or come out of it).  One-hard edges take on a soft pale glow. Once-substantial materiality appears almost sponge-like. Once-bright saturated colors fade into muddy earth tones or the smoky hues of dawn and dust.  Wabi-sabi comes in an infinite spectrum of grays…**

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge submission:  a barn in southeastern Wyoming


*The Moon in the Pines

Trans:  Jonathan Clements

**Wabi-Sabi  for Artist, designers, Poets, & Philosophers

Leonard Koren

window of understanding


The remarkable thing about deja vu, or other vivid experiences of recollection,

is that they are vested with significances that we cannot put into words.

At an earlier time, whatever happened might have seemed important, or might not.

But the recollection is charged with relevance, and tears flow for no reason.

Robert Aitken, A Zen Wave