weekly photo challenge: curves

Share a picture of CURVES and explain why you chose that picture!

Blue Bird
Blue Bird

‘A photograph,’ it has been said, ‘shows the art of nature rather than the art of the artist.’  This is mere nonsense, as the same remark might be applied equally well to all the fine arts. Nature does not jump into the camera, focus itself, expose itself, develop itself, and print itself. On the contrary, the artist, using photography as a medium, chooses his subject, selects his details, generalizes the whole in the way we have shown, and thus gives his view of nature. This is not copying or imitating nature, but interpreting her, and this is all any artist can do. ~Henry Emerson *

cited in:

Tao of Photography  Seeing beyond Seeing

Philippe L. Gross and S. I. Shapiro


4 Replies to “weekly photo challenge: curves”

  1. Your photos are spectacular, and I agree with the thought on Photography as well: it is an “art of the artist,” as you demonstrate clearly in this post.

    1. The appearance in the mind of undesirable and ignoble
      thoughts, even if they are fleeting and only half-
      articulate, has an unplesant effect upon one’s self-esteem.
      ~ Nyanaponika Thera

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