to gift to give

The peony bud,

When opening,

Shoots forth a rainbow. ~ Buson*


Within us is the gift, which is the capacity to give.  Many people suffer from not being able to give their love. It is a terrible pain to feel the treasures of generosity and compassion within us, and yet have no one to receive them, no one who wants them.  Untransmitted love can ultimately destroy us.

What can we do with this energy, which can harm us or even destroy us, if we do not “spend” it? Here is where the process of inner transformation through prayer and meditation can help. Through this practice, the energy is not lost but offered up. Through prayer and meditation one can indeed transmit and channel this energy for the well-being of all creatures.  It does not have to be transmitted to a specific being. This principle operates like a physical law.  We do not really know where the energy goes or who benefits from it.  We do not know what will be the effects of this loving kindness that fills us, taking the form of prayer, which asks for the welfare of all beings…(86)**

May all beings be free from suffering


*The Classic Tradition of Haiku

Ed., Faubion Bowers

**Compassion and Meditation

Jean-Yves Leloup


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