weekly photo challenge: fresh

at the roadside

clear water flowing

willow shade

thinking to rest for awhile

have come to a halt ~ SaigyO*


This poem of SaigyO’s is very well known, for it is the source of inspiration for the no play Yugyo Yanagi, The Priest and the Willow.  In the play a wandering priest is guided by “the Spirit of the Withered Willow”. The spirit tells of a pilgrim who is looking for the source of the clear water at a temple, and found there a “golden light shining. A decayed willow tree suddenly revealed itself as Kannon of the purple will…it’s become a holy polace for walking pilgrimage.” (Kannon is the Buddhist goddess of mercy.)*

Additional images submitted for this week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge can be found here


*The Haiku Handbook

William J Higginson w/ Penny Harter


5 Replies to “weekly photo challenge: fresh”

  1. I love your compositions, particularly your “Golden Hour” post. Thanks for the visit and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post representing “Fresh”.

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