Virtual Art Circle Prompt: A creative person…

“A creative person is the real sum of her parts . . .

a glowing filament whose light illuminates a corner of the darkness”  

                                                                                   ~Eric Maisel

virtual circle

I long for the sound

of your voice.

The face I see so clearly

doesn’t say a word

                                                                           ~ Izumi Shikibu*

cited in:

The Ink Dark Moon

Trans: Jane Hirshfield w/Mariko Aratani


About brenda

Photography has served two purposes within my life: 1) validation of one’s life and of the emotional connections between people and 2) a visual means to communication beyond the limitations of words.


    1. your sharing of haiku is indeed a gift, thank you Marcelo

      Quietness seeping into the rocks, the cicada’s voice ~Basho

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