weekly photo challenge: focus


in pale black ink—

snowy dusk

                               ~ Senjun*


My eye for me is a certain power of making contact with things, and not a screen on which they are projected… The other’s gaze transforms me into an object, and mine him, only if both of us withdraw into the core of our thinking nature [left hemisphere], if we both make ourselves into an inhuman gaze, if each of us feels his actions to be not taken up as understood, but observed as if they were an insect’s. This is what happens, for instance, when I fall under the eyes of a stranger. But even then the objectification of each by the other’s gaze is felt as unbearable only because it takes the place of a possible communication.



Visit WordPress’ weekly photo challenge to view additional posts created specifically for  photos demonstrating the concept of focus.



*Haiku before Haiku

Trans: Steven D Carter


**The Master and his Emissary

the Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

Iain McGilchrist


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