Not a hibachi…a cast iron Buckeye coal fired incubator

buckeyeincubator (2)
Buckeye Incubator Co Springfield
Patented July …
Shake ashes every 2 hours
Standard Colony Product

buckeyeincubator (1) buckeyeincubator


Thousands of professional and amateur poultry raisers have learned to depend on the Buckeye line for unfailing results..[this machine] will hatch every hatchable egg and raise every raisable check—and do it every time.

If a chick has any chance at all for life, it will live and thrive in the Standard Colony Brooder. The Standard raises strong, vigorous chicks.

The Standard Colony Brooder is guaranteed …There are no cold, dangerous corners—no stale, musty air.  It is such a remarkable brooder that we will allow you write your own guarantee.  …the Standard is easily kept clean; very inexpensive to operate. Burns hard or soft coal, coke or gas. Cuts labor and cost of operation.

Standard Colony Brooder takes the gamble out of chick raising…more than 50,000 satisfied users testify from experience to its merits in keeping chicks strong, healthy, contented and thriving. Can be operated in all temperatures down to freezing.



excerpts of ads found within American Poultry Advocate, Vol 2,


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