mind steam … rippling

a tumble jumble babble

current … afterthoughts


…there is something more fundamental about the world that is brought into being by the right hemisphere, with its betweenness, its mode of knowing which involves, reciprocation, a reverberative process, back and forth, compared with the linear, sequential, unidirectional method of building up a picture favored by the left hemisphere.*

“betweenness” is one of a series of abstract mixed-media images created through an interaction of the artist with multiple layers of water color,  acrylics, inks and pencils, photography, oil and soft pastels, and digital painting.

You are invited to visit  Fine Art America to view images that are currently available for purchase.   The convenience of purchasing images through their webpage is their offering to art customers; i.e., stretch canvas, print framed, acrylic print, and metal print.  Thank you for visiting.


*The Master and his Emissary

Iain McGilchrist

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