weekly photo challenge: from lines to patterns


linesandshapes (4)

When I chisel a wheel, if the blows of the mallet are too gentle, the chisel slides and won’t take hold. But if they’re too hard, it bites in and won’t budge. Not too gentle, not too hard–you can get it in your hand and feel it in your mind.  You can’t put it into words, and yet, there’s a knack to it somehow. I can’t teach it to my son, and he can’t learn it from me. ~Wheelwright P’ien*

linesandshapes (3)

In all things, the Way does not want to be obstructed, for if there is obstruction, there is choking; if the choking does not cease, there is disorder, and disorder harms the life of all creatures ~Chuang-Tzu*

linesandshapes (1)

Visit WordPress’ weekly photo challenge to view additional images created specifically for the concept of lines and shapes.

*cited in:

Tao of Photography Seeing Beyond Seeing

Philippe L. Gross & S.I. Shapiro



27 Replies to “weekly photo challenge: from lines to patterns”

    1. Thanks Chris … The image of the tools, the light, and the shadows together drew me from across the street…the men, as they were loading their equipment into a pickup truck, seemed puzzled

      1. Haha, let them be puzzled! If they see this then they understand why you ran out! And maybe it adds the sensation that their tools are art in its own. Again, love your play with the lights in them, as well in the one with the tubes.

    1. Thank you Sherry…the image tells me of the beauty that awaits during the golden hour…an aweness which fades when the soul’s eyes are distracted by ruminating shoulds and ought tos as well as should nots and ought not tos.

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