weekly photo challenge: habit

It is my thought that a positive habit is created through the act of intention…of repetition…and in time a habit’s absence leaves a void that calls us back.

My habit…is to be intentional about bringing myself, again and again, back into the present moment in order to cherish and share, through photography and haiku, an awareness of the transient nature of the divine.

Shinkei’s haiku cited in “Haiku before Haiku”, Steven Carter

We often see or sense something that gives us a bit of a lift, or a moment’s pure sadness…Or some scent on the wind catches us…Something tickles…looking down to see what it is, we see more.

a baby crab

climbs up my leg—

such clear water

Or we are laying awake, alone with our thoughts, and as we turn to look at the clock

at midnight

a distant door

pulled shut

and we find ourselves more alone, because of the being on other other side of that door, than when we had no thoughts for others anywhere in the world.

The first of these two short poems was written about three hundred years ago by the Japanese poet Matsuo Basho.  The second is by a twentieth Japanese poet, Ozaki Hosai.  Both poems are haiku.

Haiku work, as we read them, by giving us a moment to look at some thing, some event, and see it more clearly than we have perhaps seen it before. …gives us moments from a writer’s persecutive, but go on to give us moments of our own.  The central act of haiku is is letting an object or event touch us, and then sharing it with another. …

Being small, haiku lend themselves especially to sharing small,intimate things.  By recognizing the intimate things that touch us we come to know and appreciate ourselves and our world more.  By sharing these things with others we let them into our lives in a very special, personal way. *

* cited in:

The Haiku Handbook

William J. Higginson


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