five folds one cloth



One of the current campaigns listed on Indiegogo, Five Folds One Cloth, tells us about a family invested in donating their home in St. Louis to charity and living their dream to:

st louis home

Purchase land near Laramie, Wyoming where we currently reside. Procure bees, animals (sheep, goats and chickens) as well as equipment necessary to keep them. Your donations will enable us to become self sufficient by enabling us to sell the goods that are produced by the animals. Also you will help preserve a piece of Wyoming where the land and sky meet for generations upon generations. While the population in Wyoming is only 576,412 in 2013 it’s land is quietly being vanquished by commercial interest. If the goals are met then portions of land will be locked from development via conservation trusts. Keeping it pure throughout time.

Five Folds One Cloth is not about a man trying to make it rich but it is about a father trying to give his family and other families something that will last well after I am gone. 

To become part of this campaign of hopes and dreams or for addtional information, please visit Five Folds One Cloth

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding solution that empowers ideas and enables people to donate funds easily.  On their site ( they note that their mission is to provide a welcoming, supportive community that embraces collaboration, fearlessness and authenticity. “You provide the passion, we’ll provide industry leading tools and support to help you promote your campaign and raise funds quickly, easily and securely.”


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  1. Reblogged this on the ruminant autodidactic and commented:

    Five Fold One Cloth is about a family seeking a dream. A family composed of:

    a great father whose employment helps ensure the safety of those who travel;
    a mother, who as an university lecturer, is invested challenging her students to expand their understanding of self and other though the utilization of literature and history;
    a high school junior whose interests include playing the guitar, drawing, being a member of the school’s swim team. Last year he received the Presidential Achievement Award;
    an adolescent male who studies German as well as loves gaming; and
    a teenage female who loves country music and has a face that lights up as she imagines a home surrounded by goats and sheep.

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