weekly photo challenge: threes

…We just find our selves here.

With our individual birth we just ‘wake up’ and discover ourselves in the midst of an extraordinary world of beauty and sorrow.

All around us we see exquisite and exquisitely subtle orders played out effortlessly. …it is all just here and we are just here to see it…*

photochallengethree 1

a broad photo of angel-wing begonia blossoms placed with a coffee cup with a book making up the background.

photochallengethree 2

 various elements of each blossom interacting within as well as with the other blossoms

photochallengethree 3

 close up of an angel-wing begonia blossom

To view additional images submitted for this week’s theme – threes- visit The Daily Press at WordPress.com


The Mystery I’m Thankful for

Adam Frank

NPR, 12.22.2112






    1. Thank you. Over the past three years my camera (or it could be I) have not been able to create an image that shows the delicate beauty within these blossoms

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