recurrent calling…

Listen, listen:

longing and loss.

In the struck bell’s 

recurrent calling,

no moment in which to forget.

                                   ~Izumi Shikibu*


…though it is often stated that animals find symmetry in a mate attractive, humans appear not, in fact, to share such preferences. Even in cases where symmetry is clocked as more healthy, it is still experienced as less attractive.  In fact symmetry in living faces, because it suggests something mechanical and unreal, borders on the uncanny… And, as one might expect, in portraiture of the Enlightenment ‘faces generally are represented more symmetrically than in any other Western style’… ‘That is one of the reasons why this portraiture is as Wilde puts it, “once seen, never remembered.”**



*The Ink Dark Moon

Trans: J. Hirshfield with M. Aratani

**The Master and his Emmissary

Iain McGilchrist


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