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from the shadow
of food offerings
the God of Wealth peeks out

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You can tell how much she likes her sweet cake during her sweet attack by how she holds both pieces in her hand as she savors the flavor in her mouth and last eyes the hand which holds her future bite all at the same time. The joy of food for some is very rewarding. because its where they have the most nerve endings attached to taste buds.
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  1. To learn to be without desire
    you must desire that.
    Better to do as you please:
    sing idleness.
    Floating clouds, and water idly running —
    Where’s their source?
    In all the vastness of the sea and sky,
    you’ll never find it.

    Yuan Mei

    1. Nothing is hidden;
      It has always been clear as day.

      For divine wisdom; look at the old pine tree;
      For eternal truth; listen to the birds sing.

      Seeking the mind; there is no place to look;
      Can you see the footprints of flying birds?

      Above, not a single tile to shelter under;
      Below, not a morsel of ground for support.

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