weekly photo challenge: street life

The Road to Shu is Steep

The Road to Shu is steep, steep as climbing to the Sky!

It ashes those who only hear tell of it,
From its peaks to the sky can hardly be a foot:
The withers pines there have to lean over canyons
Filled with the contending dins of waterfalls,
Gullies thundering a thousand rolling stones!
Such perils, aye, as this,
Why, oh, why, Travellers from Afar, come ye to suffer them?

The Road to Shu is steep, steep as climbing to the Sky!
I have turn, but gaze West; with a long, long sigh!

                              ~Li Po*

Interstate I 70
Interstate I 70
weeklyphotochallengestreet (1)
Glenwood Springs Canyon
weeklyphotochallengestreet (2)
Exiting the Eisenhower Tunnel

The streets of my childhood … the old Loveland, Monarch, Berthoud, and Rabbit Ear Passes which crisscross the majestic Rocky Mountains.

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Li Po and Tu Fu

Trans: Arthur Cooper


  1. I love these. I lived in Colorado for three years, two in Steamboat (yes, I’ve been over Rabbit Ears pass a time or two), one in Greeley. I miss the mountains! I think you’ll enjoy my choices for the challenge, although they’re a bit north of you in Wyoming.


    1. I have many wonderful childhood memories of Steamboat…there was a time we would ride the train from Hayden to Steamboat… and one or two of Greeley. Thank you for visiting.

  2. I can feel the vastness of the landscape where you grew up.

    If you do not seek the great way to leave the path of delusion, even if you are intelligent and talented you are not great. A hundred years is like a spark. A lifetime is like a bubble. If you only crave material gain and prominence, without considering the deterioration of your body. I ask you, even if you accumulate a mountain of gold can you buy off impermanence?

    Chang Po-tuan

    1. thanks Marcelo…upon reflection, it was (and still is) a vast and beautiful backyard.

      To leave life, seek the Way,
      follow the others,
      Which asks much, begs the brain,
      hollows the body;

      But faith in Holy Writ
      for the true message
      Hears Present, Future, Past
      all in one gongstroke!
      ~Li Shang-yin (813-58)

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