weekly photo challenge: room

During a weekend drive on the back roads of eastern Wyoming, we found ourselves invited to wander about this abandoned home and ponder what dreams once filled these rooms.



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  1. Is a room a room without human presence? And what emotions did you feel wandering about this place?

    1. once a room has been filled with the emotional energy of humans can it ever be other than a room? as I walked about this home…sadness for my imagination pondered several “hows and whys” that brought about the separation of a family from this house that was once a home.

  2. That looks like a really old door(s) that has seen a lot of things in its younger heydays. Could have been happy moments or sad moments behind those doors. But I’m sure it gets a lot of stares and attention know…not too sure if it minds. Great photo for this week’s theme 🙂

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