one in four challenge – week 2

week two…for this week’s ongoing challenge I went into Perfect Effects 4 and added a layer from a preset, “whiteness”, which I created some time ago, then added a layer from Perfect Effect’s True Film category, “green velvet”, and then found that by playing around with darkening the edges (highlighting, clarity, and shadows) seemed to add more depth of field.


visit Robyn’s Captivate Me to join this week’s One in Four Challenge!


4 Replies to “one in four challenge – week 2”

  1. Brenda, I like what you have done this week.
    The tones are gorgeous!!
    As I said last week, this image appeals to me and I think I will like whatever you do 😃😃

  2. This image really appeals to me too! I like the white feather-like pampas grass (?) and then that leaf caught in it… so lovely. I really like how this is just is more like white-and-purple… I don’t have the words… but it makes me feel calm.

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