one four challenge…week 4

words of old

whispered today by wind

in the reeds


As I was stumbling around Photoshop, I found myself remembering a cartoon which pictured an overwhelmed student with a raised arm and the caption, “may I be excused, my head is full?”

That memory was followed by the remembrance of a meeting with a clinical supervisor who spoke of the importance of going back to the basics…so I exited Photoshop, found the original RAW image, and entered the realm of Lightroom…to begin again with the basic adjustment layers of:

  • highlights,
  • brightness,
  • shadows,
  • darkness,
  • hue,
  • saturation,
  • sharpness, and
  • black and white

I then did some reading about basic composition as a means to explore:  To crop or not to crop?

As I pondered this question, it came to me that cropping this image would narrow the context…the story…as well as the invitation to imagine the various elements  that came together to create this unique image—which, I believe cannot be recreated.

It is the various elements within this image that invites me to contemplate:   How did this leaf come to embrace the grass? Or, was it the grass that embraced the leaf?

The evasiveness to my questions is reflected in the image’s various degrees of blurriness/sharpness and light/shadow and thus I  find myself also wondering:   Was the leaf captured? Imprisoned? Or, was it saved?  


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The first three of December’s One Four Challenge


27 Replies to “one four challenge…week 4”

  1. Nice BW treatment, highlights the delicate detail in the grasses nicely. The highlights are not so bright which also helps balance out the image tones. Very profound musings, its all about the basics, I agree 🙂

  2. Liked your writing and musings, as well as your softer and vignetted interpretation this week – my favourite. The only dark touch is that leaf stopped in her drift by the gentle grasses. Very nicely done, Brenda!

  3. This week is my favorite! Highlights in the right places, beautiful vignette and the softer warm BW tones keep beautifully with the delicate nature of this image. Lovely.

  4. Hello Brenda – finally made it here 😀
    This week’s image is my favourite – using the BW has created a purity that I really like.
    Ive so enjoyed your thoughts and research on this week’s process. A wonderfully creative journey and a beautiful end result.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year 😀🎉🎈

    1. Good day Robyn,
      Hope you are keeping cool while I am invested in keeping warm as it is snowing and the temp is falling. Thank you for your feedback…I also like this week’s image. May you have a New Year filled with peace and love.

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