8 thoughts on “photo 101: solitude & rule of thirds

  1. I like your photos even this one. Footprints leading into the picture. Can you explain how you think of rule of thirds in it. By the way I’ve a very weak Internet-connection so your site and pictures take a lot of time to load. But to small pictures make it difficult to see all details.

    1. As I composed this image…I saw the snow in the lower third of the image and the evergreen tree in the foreground is in one third while the center of the other three is in another third. I also see the footprints as being a focus point. Do you see it differently?

    1. The kind of place
      where the way a traveler’s tracks
      disappear in snow
      is something you get use to—
      such a place is this world of ours

      Princess Shikishi

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