One Photo Focus: June

emerging under

the peaks of clouds

a little boat


Broxborne in Hertfordshire, UK

I found myself drawn to the cloud’s reflection in David’s raw image of Broxborne so I began this edit by importing and then cropping his image in Aperture (I just can’t seem to distance myself from this “no longer updated” software program).  I then used Nix’s Sharpener Pro 3 Raw Resharpening followed by Dfine.  I attempted to bring out the clouds in Viveca 2 and then played around with the layers in Color Efex Pro 4 (I found myself so caught up in the creative process that I failed to record the layers…sorry).

Image edit submitted in response to Visual Venturing’s One Photo Focus: June. Thanks to Stacy and David for this fun challenge.  I’m looking forward to June’s gallery of unique edits.



13 Replies to “One Photo Focus: June”

  1. Brenda, thanks so much for your submission! The detail you brought out in the photo is wonderful, as is the focus on the reflected clouds. Lovely subdued colors as well. Obviously, you know your way around the Nik suite of programs! I have only used Dfine when sharpening, never the presharpener (mostly because I never spent the time to understand the difference in application) and only played around with Viveza. Clearly, I should pay more attention!

  2. Brenda, I think Stacy missed your post on purpose. She didn’t want to make the rest of us look like amateurs (which, I guess, we really are). This is so great. I love that quote (haiku) with it. Just perfect!

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