developing your eye I: home

My throat is parched with crying, my

tongue clings to my palate…

I am buried, but not in

a grave yard; my house is my coffin!

~Han Yu

Home…a place of refuge, sanctuary, a safe harbor for self, family, and friends. A shelter from “the storms of life” that silently promises time and space for the public selves to melt into the real self. A haven of collections…books, music, furniture, memories, shadows of time past, and possibilities of tomorrows. A retreat into the togetherness of dinner, holidays, and weekends.


I chose motion blur photography for this assignment of “home” as it would offer me a way to illustrate the memories, dreams, and hopes that transform a house into a home.





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      1. Yes! this link worked. I had some trouble awhile back and found a hiccup in my account…something to do with deleting a previous blog. May I suggest you check your account settings to see if this is the link listed.

      2. Thank you very much, I will check this out now and change it if it isn’t. That is such a big help!! Thanks!!!

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