one photo focus photo: august


Submitted in response to Visual Venturing’s One Photo Focus for August.  The original photograph was created by Robin at photographybykent. Edited by Brenda Kofford.

As I began my editing of Robin’s raw image in Capture One, I also applied a keystone adjustment to the ferris wheel before cropping and moving into ON 1 Enhance Effects and then Color Efex Pro 2.  While in Color Efex, I played around with their Detail Extractor, Tonal Contrast, Vintage, and Sunlight layers before ending with Polaroid Transfer to give it a holiday souvenir touch.  I then finished the image with Photoshop’s dodging tool to lightly bring out the reflections in the water.


  1. Nicely done, Brenda. I particularly like the brightness of the water. Great counterpoint to the ominous sky. I use ColorEfex Pro quite a bit, but haven’t tried a number of the filters you used. I must do some experimenting 🙂

    1. thank you…I’m looking forward to seeing what images you bring back from the Arctic. Oh…slightly green is my complexion.

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