1. Ha!Ha! No… In India, we don’t generally walk down an empty street… We have 1.2 billion people… In 1947, we had 400 million. In 1982, we had 800 million. Now, 1.2 billion. Rabbits and their breeding habits would develop an inferiority complex if compared with us

      2. I just did a search for the population of the town I live in…158,600 in 2015. Yet, this is a college town so it jumps a bit while classes are in session…another 30,000.

      3. Within the US a “county” is a geographical region of a state that is defined for management of political, administrative, and legal systems. For example, Platte County (population of 3,000) is one of 23 counties within the state of Wyoming.

      4. Ah! A county! Sorry, I read country!

        Well, to give you a comparison, the population of Delhi is estimated to be 18 million currently, and this is ridiculous. Way too many people for the city to be able to sustain.

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