seeing differently: 2nd of 15

“We may speak of conditions and consequences as though they were things, but if we look more closely they turn out to be processes with no independent reality. The harshness of a barbed remark that haunts us for days is no more than a brief instance isolated from a torrent of events. Yet it stands out in the mind’s eye as something intrinsically real and apart. This habit of isolating things leads us to inhabit a world in which the gaps between them come absolute.”

Buddhism without Beliefs, Stephen Batchelor


Seeing things a bit different during the recent “tour de corgi” by viewing events unfold with the camera at ground level…my 2nd image submitted in response to Robyn’s  photo challenge.

2 Replies to “seeing differently: 2nd of 15”

  1. I love the ground level point of view Brenda. It always brings something different.
    In this wonderful image I feel like I’m being given a path into the interactions of the people in the photo. Wonderful!

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