Seeing Differently: “it’s a wrap”

…once someone had been in your life – you could keep that person there despite the agony of loss, as long as you had faith that you could bring the sum of all your hours together in one shining moment.

~Stones from the River, Ursula Hegi


This image of a bridal shop window is the 15th of 15 images submitted to  Seeing Differently.  Below are some of the other images posted in response to Robyn’s October challenge. Thank you Robyn for this challenging project and your supportive feedback.


  1. Brenda, This is another wonderful image filled with subjects, suggestions and so much more!
    I have to admit, I feel a little sadness that our challenge is winding down, but it’s been so enjoyable to view your images and read your quotes!!
    It’s truly my pleasure 😃😃

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