thursday’s special: traces of the past

flumeThe “Great Western Sugar Company Effluent Flume and Bridge” tells us of a time of sugar beet farms and sugar processing plants in northern Colorado.  During the turn of the century, this bridge over the Poudre river enabled the waste lime product to be transported  across the river to a field where it was just poured out as waste. As a result, the ground became so alkaline that native plants could not survive and gave way to an invasive species called kochia.

In November 2014, the bridge that held the flume was added to the National Register of Historic Places.  A trace of the past…submitted in response to the Thursday’s challenge offered by Lost in Translation 


  1. They did well deciding to preserve it, and hopefully it can serve as a reminder that we must treat our place better. I love the shot, Brenda. On my last holiday I captured a similar structure, but did not know anything about its history. Thank you for the very cool entry!

  2. Love it! Reminds me so much of our Clifton Suspension bridge in Bristol. I was there last year for a hot air balloon festival. Fab shot 🙂

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