This ain’t right!

The church of my childhood and of my mother, her mother, and my grandmother’s mother taught me that the body, the family, and the church were sacred and thus any choice I made in my life was to be drawn upon that guiding principle.

My choice to participate in this past election came after hearing how Trump used social media to shame women…and now to hear that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be performing at Trump’s inauguration brings my soul into a deeper disbelief that began on the darkest of dark nights…election night.

So…I have given my voice to “this isn’t right.” I may have to find some kind of resolution for the next four years, but I will not accept the church’s celebration of human negation and shame.  If your beliefs are similar to mine, please sign the petition at

Thank you.  My daughter, granddaughter, and soon to be great granddaughter also thank you for validating the right of all human beings to be respected and honored.

2 thoughts on “This ain’t right!

  1. I just don’t get this at all, Brenda. Something is just not right with our newly elected. I don’t know how I feel: like a spectator at a circus or the tightrope walker freefalling. Scary, either way.

    1. Living with a house full of history majors is hearing again and again similarities between today and events of the past. I just know that my sense of what is right does not seem to be reflected in what is occurring today…walking on a tightrope describes it well.

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