A nightmare

Feeling a bit unsettled today since it feels as though my life is being pulled through an insanity that could only be a nightmare: an onslaught of Executive orders issued with pursed lips and fanfare and without a review of Constitutional Law…an executive agency defying the ruling of a federal judge…Bannon being appointed the head of the National Security Council while Trump limits the roles of the director of intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…and this seemingly never-ending nightmare goes on and on.

This emotional reactivity that has exploded on Twitter only adds to this nightmare.  We need to find a way to begin an effective dialogue between people of differing opinions. I fear we are too far down the road for this to even begin because elements that were put into place to ensure our  freedoms are being threatened: false news that ensures division among the population; gag orders that seem to restrict freedom of speech; the statement that the media is an “opposition party” seems like an attempt to block the freedom of the press; a weakening of “checks and balances”; a trivial need to validate the presidency through images and imaginary numbers; and most unsetting, the removal of the bipartisan Broadcasting Board of Governors opening up the possibility of the Voice of America being used as a propaganda tool.

What power do I as a single person have to wake up from this insane dream?  It is recommended that I contact those elected to represent me…senators and representatives…and I have done so, but I wonder why I don’t feel reassured that I will wake up any time soon.


11 Replies to “A nightmare”

  1. Many of us are with you; you are not alone. I choose to march at rallies and will start attending postcard gatherings to write to our elected representatives. The huge resistance to this idiotic or insane (both) coup sends a very strong message to any officials with a balanced mind and deep American values.

    1. It touches my heart with gladness how people are coming together to stand for basic human rights. I hope no one becomes injured. It seems that there needs to be an awareness of events within the White House that are even more disturbing…Bannon being part of the National Security Council and the removal of judicial pages from the White House’s website. I don’t know how the American people can protect our democracy without the backing of united congress.

      1. I hadn’t heard of the removal of judicial pages! We must keep marching, keep writing our elected officials in larger and larger numbers. We are the People he would purport to serve, not Bannon or other cronies or white supremacists. This is a call to action and already we have sen some positive results. We are responsible to stand up against this would be oppressor class.

  2. I am so dissolutioned by all of this, Brenda. For the life of me, I do not understand how and, and more importantly why, so many people allow him to do what he does. He is the very definition of ‘bully.’ With all the discussions for adults to beware of this for children, now we adults are being bullied. What or who will stop him? No idea, but I hope it happens before four years…..

  3. It is all so incredibly sad and infuriating. I feel the same way about contacting my senator and representative. I do think the data for them helps. Knowing their constituents really do care has to be something. But for the life of me, I’m not feeling any better because of it. How do we reach out to the parts of the country where they are silent or uncertain or even supportive of the latest orders? How do we have dialog that will actually cause a dent and tip the scales toward a more compassionate and tolerant society? The seething and name-calling and finger-pointing make it scary to even approach. In the mean time, I’ll keep calling. I’ll show up for protest. I’ll donate when I can. I’ll show up in my community to help the urgent matters that need attention here. But I totally get what you’re saying. This is a nightmare.

    1. Yes! Let’s continue calling…participating in protest…write letters and donate when we can! I’m also trying to open myself to listening to those whose perceptions shift away from mine as maybe, just maybe little by little each effective connection with others will awaken us to the warmth and joy of nature’s spring.

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