thursday’s special: pick a word

Continual…frequently recurring…a service disrupted by continual breakdowns.

Within the shadows of today’s political discord and emotional-driven social media postings, there is a continual theme I have encountered in the past several weeks…a grass-root movement providing a basic need…food.  No, not $1,000,000-3,000,000 weekend golfing trips or $50,000 jackets…food, simple, over-the-counter food.

The first time was the poster in my doctor’s office which informed patients, “we have food if you need.”  The second was an alteration to the random small wooden book exchanges that invite neighbors to share books; that is, the Lutheran Trinity Church offers…a mini food pantry.


Jump on over to Lost in Translation to participate.


10 Replies to “thursday’s special: pick a word”

    1. Thank you for reminding me the multiple nurturing needs all of us need in our lives. It is my intention to have my blog be one that offers nurturing for the soul, mind, and heart as opposed to inciting hatred and anger.

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