thursday’s special: portrait vs landscape

on horseback

making a silent bow…

thin mist

~Issa (

On an afternoon walk, we came upon an end-of-school celebration at a local park.  As I wandered about the carnival setting, memories of past transitions that included a sense of freedom came to mind.  Freedom to play, to explore, to be…  My summers were a time in which I was allowed to roam over hills and through meadows, to swim in rivers and creeks, and to reenact storybook characters.  No television, no internet, no social media…just freedom to play in an landscape that extended far beyond the horizon.



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  1. Anticipation on a child’s face evokes what you said in words. I am also happy I grew up in time when there was no Internet. These are both beautiful captures, one focuses more on what lies in the background and one shows faces better. Thank you very much, Brenda. I am always glad to see how you interpret the themes I come up with 🙂

    1. Within this image, there seems to be a connection between the horse, trainer, and young child while others are…elsewhere. The landscape cropping seems to highlight a moment of connection and distraction.

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