tryWhen you are in touch with the suffering in the world, it is so easy for despair to overwhelm you. …Throughout the war in Vietnam young people easily became the victims of despair because the war went on for so long and it seemed it would never end. It is the same with the situation in the Middle East. young Israelis and Palestinians feel the heavy atmosphere of war will never end.

Animals, plants, and minerals also suffer because of the greed of human beings. The earth, the water and air are suffering because we have polluted them. The trees suffer because we destroy the forest for our own profit. Some species have become extinct because of the destruction of the natural environment. Humans also destroy and exploit one another. How can we stop ourselves from collapsing in despair?

The bodhisattva of wonderful sound, Gadgadashvara, can use music, writings and sound to awaken people.  If you are a poet, a writer or a composer you can be that bodhisattva. Your artistic creations are not just to help people forget their pain momentarily but to water the seeds of awakened understanding and compassion in others.  Among us are so many writers, poets and composers who are using the wonderful ocean of sound to serve the way of understanding and love…(excerpts from Thich Nhat Hanh’s No Death, No Fear)


6 Replies to “try”

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you. It is good to be reminded that it is far better to try than to despair. Thank you also for posting the clip, which I had not seen before. Mandy Harvey is inspirational as a musician and as a person.

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving your thoughts. I agree with you…as I listened to her words and voice memories of my mother, who was also deaf and strived through life with the same resolve, brought joyful tears.

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