wpc: transient

this rain

a greeting card from heaven

midsummer heat.

~Issa (www.haikuguy.com)

What are the various conditions—past and present, known and unknown—that come together to create raindrops? Scientists have suggested that the interactions between water vapor, dust particles, and wind turbulence within clouds create millimeter-sized droplets which are heavy enough to begin their descent towards earth. And in the process of falling, the droplets accumulate more and more moisture, becoming the raindrops we see on the ground.


This scientific explanation of how raindrops form invites contemplation of the prior conditions that create vapor, dust, and wind. Each of these transient phenomenon is a telling of the ongoing weaving and unweaving of interconnected threads creating the various phenomena we experience within each given moment.

This weaving and unweaving of threads is noted by Thich Nhat Hanh, “This is, because that is. This is not, because that is not. This is born, because that is born. This dies, because that dies.”


  1. I love this, Brenda. More so because here on the Gulf Coast we are being deluged with Tropical Storm Cindy. The raindrops are amazing!

    1. So very hot here today…rain would be so welcomed, even a sprinkle to two. While living in Jacksonville, we would have an afternoon downpour almost every afternoon during the summer. Do miss watching the clouds traveling onshore.

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