streetartaweb“Let us amuse ourselves for a moment…so that we can better understand ‘knowing.’ Suppose I say, ‘I know that it’s windy.’ ‘I’ refers more to my mind than my body, so this sentence really means, ‘My mind knows that it is windy.’ Mind is the knower, so really we are saying, ‘The knower knows that it is windy.’ ‘The knower’ is the subject, ‘knows’ is the verb, and ‘it is windy’ is the object. But it is funny to say, ‘The knower knows,’ isn’t it? We imagine that the knower is an entity which exist independently of its object and which resides in our brain making brief excursions into the ‘outside world’ to see what is happening out there. Just as we use a ruler to measure something, we fit our mind to a preconceived model, one that was created by our mind itself. Therefore, what we call ‘mind’ is not pure and true mind. It is  enmeshed in concepts.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh, The Sun My Heart


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