XDrive Photo Session – 7 – frame your subject


Nikon D750  f/5.6  1/20s  300mm  100 ISO

Within this week’s photo lesson RAJ restates that a successful picture is one where your viewer lingers for a bit.  One way of encouraging a prolonged and concentrated stay is through the use of frames that add depth, bring in the context to the story/object, create mystery, and hide unwanted elements within the image.


  1. Thanks Brenda for your contribution of this week.

    Great shot, You have brought in the mystery, depth and the kind of curiosity in the picture. The viewers will linger more here. But 1/20 sec at 300mm? You are real courageous..and have super steady hands. Monochrome adds up nicely to the story than the color. One issue in this pic I can point out is the lit rectangular frame on the left. It’s not contributing to the picture and in fact, works as a distraction. I don’t know if you could have avoided it or not, but the bike on the left is a good add on to the story!

    This critical review is part of XDrive Photography Learning Session. Thanks again for participating.


  2. Thank you for your valuable feedback. In response to 1/20 sec at 300mm, I rechecked the numbers and no error there. I’m going to give more credit to the Nikon’s Vibration Reduction or luck than to “super steady hands.” 🙂 Also on reflection, I think I was so focused on bringing out the bike’s highlights that it blinded me to the left corner. Lesson learned here…pull back and view the whole image.

  3. This is really interesting, Brenda, thank you. I’m an amateur poet and (even more amateur) photographer, and it certainly is a creative expression….part of why I love it so much. Blessings to you!

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