XDrive Photo Lesson – 12 – Shooting in Raw

For this xdrive photo lesson Raj introduces the reader to raw photography as well as explores the advantages and disadvantages of setting the camera to raw.

Some of the disadvantages of using raw are:

  1. size of files and required storage space
  2. requires editing
  3. sluggish burst mode
  4. software required to process files and convert to jpg
  5. sharing images while traveling

On the positive side, raw images allow the photographer to:

  1. recover areas in the image that may be over or under exposed.
  2. easily adjust white balance.
  3. make use of high-end image editing software
  4. ensure that original raw images are not destroyed during the editing process.

Nikon D750   f/7.1   1/400s   35 mm   ISO 400

EmptyName 5
sample of raw image
raw adjusted image
edited image in Nik’s Color Effects

The second set of images were created using:

Nikon D750   f/6.3   1/6s   40 mm   ISO 400

sample of raw image
raw adjusted image
3 raw images edited using Nik’s HDR software


  1. Thanks Brenda for your contribution this week. Glad to know that you are already into the raw shooting.

    Pic 1: Nice capture of colours of fall! Surprised to see a bokeh created by the lens at f7.1. I feel still open aperture would have created better isolation of leaves. Also, lower left as a distracting branch of leaves. Overall nice work!

    Pic 2: You must be having very steady hands to shoot at 1/6 sec! Probably bit of softness as result of micro shake. I feel you could have gone for narrower aperture showing everything sharp and clear. HDR has also oversharpened the image in my opinion.

    In both sets you have the second image titled “Raw Adjusted Image”, does it means that it’s the jpg output off the raw? Nik’s software takes your jpg as a source? Just for my information.

    This critical review is part of XDrives photography learning sessions. Thanks Brenda once again for the participation.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I’ve found attention to photography has changed a bit since I’ve participated in your lessons…using prime lenses, exploring shutter speeds and f-stops, and trying manual focus more often. After reading your feedback on Pic 1 I thought to retrace my walk in order to redo the image and see the difference with an open aperture. Then I remembered that nature is in constant change…sigh…so will redo this assignment. I used a tripod, manual focus, and a 40 mm macro lens for Pic 2 so find myself wondering if the micro shake is either a poorly/weakened constructed tripod or due to my limited experience with manual focus. I also may need to do comparative shots between manual and auto focus to see if my vision is an issue.

      I apologize for my confusing use of phrase, “Raw Adjusted Image.” These photos were the outcome of working with the raw in Capture One. I generally import raw into Capture One and then export a Tiff file into Photoshop. I am able to access Nik through both Capture One (which automatically creates a Tiff during process) and Photoshop.

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