Lumix GX85  f/7.1   1/320 s   32 mm   ISO 200

A valuable resource for those who have an interest in expanding their understanding of street photography can be found at the  Streets of Nuremberg.  His intention is to to give back to those who have given him so much by offering  a “one stop resource pool” where photographers can find free tips, tutorials, inspirations and everything else.

The above image was created (with a bit of awkward anxiety) using Streets of Nuremberg’s Photography Quick Tip 1 for photographing inconspicuously; that is,

Line up in the general direction of your subject, raise the camera and shoot something behind or above him/her. Absolutely avoid eye contact, best look through the viewfinder of your camera. Bring the camera down, pretending to check the image you just took on the LCD back screen of your camera, your finger still on the shutter, still avoiding any eye contact with your subject. Instead of checking the image you just have taken above or behind your subject, compose your shot with your subject through the LCD back screen of our camera and shoot the “real” picture.  Do not (!) check the photograph you’ve just taken, instead raise the camera again and “redo” the first shot behind or above the subject. Repeat as needed. And  don’t blush 😉

7 thoughts on “Inconspicuously

  1. That’s great tip and so familiar to me.
    If I’m with someone else, I use the person to be close to the real subject and do as if I’m shooting him/her. It works.
    Thanks for sharing the link!
    And great start!

    1. It is always great to hear from you. I have found that photographing people in public places is less stressful when people come together to celebrate. As if it is a norm to photograph events. But, during a normal day…anxiety is sure to rise.

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