a photo study of the rule of odds

Nothing is hidden;
It has always been clear as day.
For divine wisdom; look at the old pine tree;
For eternal truth; listen to the birds sing.
Seeking the mind; there is no place to look;
Can you see the footprints of flying birds?
Above, not a single tile to shelter under;
Below, not a morsel of ground for support. ~Zenrin

Rule of Odds…not a rule, law, or expectation.  A guideline created by how the composition within an image may gift us with the balance we unconsciously seek.


The youtube episode below is an introduction to the rule of odds hosted by Ted Forbes, a photographer and filmmaker. He started producing the Art of Photography as a podcast in 2008 and the show has since grown into a popular YouTube channel and resource website providing a 360° view of photography to a global audience. Enjoy


  1. Ah….this was wonderful, Brenda. I like your photo of the geese and of the eggs, but after watching the video, it makes it clearer what the eye sees. Even that last photo…now I shall be on the hunt for ‘odds.’ Thank you so very much!

    1. Loisajay, thanks for taking the time to visit and watching the video. The rule of odds is an element of composition that I’ve not heard before in past photo lessons.

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