1. Thank you Loisajay. I agree with you…the shrubbery adds something unique to the image. Invites the eye to move into the image.

    1. Thank you…”absolutely glorious” fed my creative soul and inspires me to get out of my warm house and walk about on a snow day. Now…I find I’m waiting for snow which we have not had much of this winter…January brought us late spring instead the deep gray chill of winter.

      1. You’re welcome Brenda! Where do you live? I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it has been a very cold winter. I am out twice a day walking our dog but it has been below zero a lot. I’ve found a lot of beauty in the varying ice formations on the creek but am usually too cold to snap a photo! So thanks for inspiring! 🙂

      2. This winter, thus far, in northeast Colorado has been more like early spring. With warmer than usual temps photo walks are easier than I experienced in winters past. So while the snow melts during the day, the ice that comes with the chill of night does create a bit of anxiety about falling. I have read that the low snow levels in the Rocky Mountains is creating concern as well as in California. Yet…snow is in the forecast for this weekend and I know of a set of 3 trees that wish to be photographed 🙂

      3. Oh lucky you! I love Colorado and it is so much milder than Minnesota. It has been a very very cold winter with most days below zero windchill but it is warming up. I wear those Yak Tracks to help with ice as I live in the city of Minneapolis and with the constant snowmelt it is so hazardous walking the dog! We are going skiing for Spring Break in Colorado and can hardly wait! I love spring skiing!

      4. I’ve walked into the grocery store with tracks on…in short, not a great idea. In response to your comment I learned that the snow packing Colorado is low this year…so hoping it picks up for your Spring ski vacation.

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